Luke is available for private lessons, group lessons, and workshops. He is an experienced full-time performer and instructor with a background in blues, jazz, popular, world, and rock styles and a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music and Jazz Guitar Studies. Luke has been playing, studying, and teaching music for over 15 years, and has developed a unique approach to help his students understand music, art, and the guitar in a learning-intensive, fun, and relaxed environment. He also is on staff at LA College of Music (LACM) in Pasadena, CA.

Many of Luke’s students have gone on to successful music careers, and Berkeley School of Music, UCLA, University of California Berkeley, LA Music Academy, Guitar Institute of Technology and more.

Lessons available in the Chino Hills, Inland Empire, Pasadena and Orange County Areas, plus online or by special arrangement.

Rates are determined by lesson length and location, so please contact me. AND I have also started offering on-line guitar lessons! One-on-one Skype or Facetime or e-mail lessons mean more content in less time, with no travel and it fits into your schedule whenever you have the time.

E-mail or call (949) 910-9488 for more info.

"I've studied with Luke for a little over a year and my playing and understanding of jazz concepts has improved tremendously. I'm primarily a rock and blues player but Luke has been able to stretch my playing out side of my rock/blues box and introduce some very cool techniques and ideas to add real interest and flavor to my playing. It's been a pure pleasure!"
- Chris C.

"At 40, I decided to try my hand at guitar, though I had never before played any instrument ever. A couple years later, I have a wonderful hobby that brings me hours of joy. Since my son took lessons too, we have something to do together."
- Benjamin G.

And it's all thanks to Luke. He's patient, thorough, and his lessons make sense. My son and I think he's terrific.
"Luke is the best guitar instructor I've ever had. He caters to my learning style very well, which is to learn just the stuff that "works" in a real life setting. His insight has made my sound 10x better and has given me a great framework for improvement (Even my band mates have noticed a difference with my playing). He also has a keen sense of where my own guitar playing issues stem from and knows what needs to be done to address them. For example, he could tell that I was gripping the strings too hard with my fingers and it would make the sound harsh. I highly recommend Luke if you are looking to improve your sound."
- Henry C.

“Nice tone, nice tunes! Luke’s got the hot licks!” - Jude Gold (Editor, Guitar Player Magazine)

"Luke is very genuine person with a love for teaching and helping others. I highly recommend Luke to anyone seeking music / guitar lessons."
- John K.

“Luke is a unique player with an amazing range of styles at his fingertips.”
- Reinhold Bogner (Bogner Amplification)