Luke Thomas is a musical chameleon. His command of many different styles from jazz to progressive metal, afro-beat to funk and reggae, to pop and classical makes him one of the most sought-after session and touring guitarists in Southern California. He is the house band guitarist for Music Skool featuring Justin Hopkins (The Voice) with a residency at American Junkie in Hermosa Beach. 

After graduating from college with a degree in jazz studies, Luke has established himself as a composer, collaborator, sideman, songwriter, and band leader. He has served as guitarist and backup vocalist as a member of SuperNaked, Empire of One, and eEnik. He has also worked repeatedly as a featured guest with the Midwest-based Jazz Orgy and performed and recorded with San Francisco-based world music and reggae artist Renee Asteria. As a in-demand musician in LA, he has had the honor of working as Musical Director of the Witzenders (houseband for legendary LA West-side club Witzend), and has performed and recorded with artists as diverse as famous session bassist Abe Laboriel Sr., British singer-songwriter J
ames Carrington, Twiggie Ramirez (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails), LA artist Bianca Caruso (Zabruso), The Voice alumni Jordis Unga and Justin Hopkins, Carmen Perez, and American Idol finalist Justin Carter.


The Doctah - LT3!

Speechless - Bianca Caruso